The Great Dalek Hunt


The Great Dalek Hunt is a scavenger hunt created for the Long Island Doctor Who convention in 2023 by long-time attendees Jorj Bauer, Susan J. Talbutt, and Jakob Talbutt-Bauer. The goals are to provide attendees with a low stakes game for the weekend, and give back to an event and people that have brought so much joy into so many lives.

You are playing a Dalek. Your orders are to invade as many planets, and exterminate as many beings as you can in order to conquer the galaxy and obtain unlimited rice pudding. Around the convention space are photos of planets, companions, Time Lords and other characters from Doctor Who, Blake's 7, and Space 1999. Each photo has a QR code that will track that you have found one objective. The game is opt-in; the first time you see an objective, you will be asked if you would make a good Dalek. Click the Yes, I DO love rice pudding! button to play, or No, but thanks to decline.

Dalek badges are available at the regsitration desks. In addition to the scavenger hunt throughout the con space, the Dalek badge can play its own games to train it to be obedient and murderous, and can also be objectives for others in the scavenger hunt.

If you need help with the scavenger hunt or your Dalek badge, or just want to meet the maintainers, look for the three attendees (Jorj, Sue, and Jakob) with the purple Dalek badges. We will usually be hanging out by the Daleks, and have ribbons.

If your Dalek flashes only the two orange/yellow lights in the collar, the code was mis-typed, and you should try again. If nothing flashes, that often means two buttons were pressed at the same time; press any button until the collar lights flash, then try again. If you get stuck, please come find us hanging out by the Daleks and Zen.